Sports Tires

Are you a car fanatic? Do you often take your car racing on the weekends? Do you go through tires quickly? If you can relate to these questions, then we understand your passion here at Bohr Enterprises. We are an auto shop that specializes in all types of tires. You’ll find our shop not too far from Claude, TX, and we are also easily accessible if you’re in Amarillo, Fritch, Pampa, or any other neighboring town. From traditional commuter tires to heavy-duty sports tires, we’ve got you covered!

You must choose the right tires for your specific vehicle. If you only drive to and from work, you can use a light duty tire. However, if you drive a sports car and like to go fast whenever possible, then our sports tires are made for you. Here at Bohr Enterprises, we will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to buy new tires. Our mechanics will ask you specific questions to make sure you’re getting the proper set for your needs.

We are ready to install your brand new tires here at Bohr Enterprises. If you are on a tight schedule, have no fear. Our team of highly skilled mechanics will get your new set placed and ready in no time at all. We can even help you save money. Our prices are very fair, and our service rates are the lowest in town. We want to create a lifelong customer out of you!

Here at Bohr Enterprises, we do things a bit differently. We are an auto tire shop that truly cares about every customer who walks through the doors. You are promised the best customer service in town. Feel free to come by if you’re ever near Claude, TX or a neighboring community. We have a reputation for being the leading tire experts for a good reason!