Replace Tires

Did your car barely pass inspection because the tread on your tires is so low? Do you need to replace the entire set before you have a blowout? If you answered yes to these questions, then let us serve you here at Bohr Enterprises. We are a leading tire shop that has a wide selection of tires for every type of vehicle! Our popular shop is located just outside White Deer, TX, and we are also conveniently located if you’re near Panhandle, Amarillo, Claude, or any other nearby city. We sell and replace tires, and we also offer other valuable auto shop services.

When there is no tread left on your tires, your vehicle can no longer grip the road well. This increases your risk of losing control, especially in wet conditions. You are also at a higher risk of getting a flat or having a full blowout. At Bohr Enterprises, we want to help you before this happens. At the first sign of tire wear, be sure to drive in to see us. We replace tires on all vehicles! Whether you drive a compact car or a fully loaded truck, we have the right tires in stock for you.

Our service here at Bohr Enterprises simply can’t be beaten. We work quickly, so you won’t have to wait long. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fast we will have your new tires installed and balanced for you. Even though our service is speedy, we don’t cut any corners. We stand behind the work we do. Your vehicle will be treated like our own while it’s in our shop.

When it comes to buying tires in White Deer, TX or a nearby city, no one offers better prices and service than we do at Bohr Enterprises. Stop by to see why our past customers always rave about our high-quality service.